Lou Bello - I saved a couple from a terrible mistake.  They purchased a 2 1/2 ct. Round Diamond for $26,000 that was mis-represented.  I helped them return it and sold them a much finer diamond, same size / same price.    I then sold them 2 ct total weight diamond stud earrings (normal retail value: $10,500) for my price of $6450.

When I started looking for an engagement ring, I was scared, uneducated and confused.  Lou made it simple and fun, saved me a lot of money, and I got exactly what I wanted.  We thrilled my fiancĂ©e.  - Alan W

Not only is Lou an expert with jewelry, but he is fun to work with.  Lou understands that jewelry decisions take time, and he has a lot of patience. - June B.

Lou Bello - I went shopping with her to find the perfect diamond wedding ring.  We went to Long's and found a 7 diamond 1.25 ct in plat - shared prong.  Their retail price was $5750 which was on sale for  25% off - surprise $4312.  I custom made a sample product - plat - shared prong 7= 1.25 ct top quality diamonds - their price: $2950.