blue sapphire ringSave Time and Money

Accountants will verify that most retailers spend around 40% of each sales dollar on overhead!  Bello Concierge Jeweler connects you directly to the wholesale world of suppliers, manufacturers, diamond dealers and bench jewelers.

Our years of experience and individual attention are both priceless, and they assure your of much better quality and value.

How it works: Lou provides you with his personal attention.   Here is what you can expect from his step by step process developed after years of retail experience:

  1. During the initial meeting at a convenient location of your choice, Lou wil listen carefully, determine your goals, and guide you through the process.
  2. Lou will bring merchandise for you to view.  If you would like custom design work, Lou conceptualizes what you are looking for with images, drawings and samples.
  3. As Lou finalizes the concept with you, he shows component parts, and quotes prices.  He is fair and honest with you, providing services that are superior to what you could expect to find in a jewelry store.
  4. When completed, each product is delivered with detailed documentation.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whether you need gift ideas, trusted jewelry advice, or help re-designing your old jewelry -- Lou Bello is your jewelry professional!   Check out our testimonials to see what past clients have to say.