Lou BelloDiamond Expertise with Concierge Service

Benefits From Free Expert Advice
When buying a diamond, mistakes can be very costly!!  If you're in the market for a diamond engagement ring, you owe it to yourself to get Lou's free expert advice.  He'll give you straight answers to all of your questions and then you can decide how to benefit from his services.

Take the Challenge
You aren't a trained diamond expert, but Lou will show you what to look for.
Take Lou's Diamond Challenge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Contact Lou, he'll make sure that your diamond ring will be a proud symbol of your love and not a daily reminder of a poor buying decision.

Personal Advisor for Customized Jewelry
Lou provides you with free expert diamond advice, acts as your personal jewelry advisor and he can also help you create a customized diamond ring.  The GIA can provide you with detailed information about the diamond grading process.  However, wouldn't it be ideal to have a trusted expert guiding you on how to buy a diamond?  Lou takes the time to understand exactly what is important to you and he'll even go shopping with you (either electronically or in person) if you prefer.