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When buying fine jewelry and diamonds, mistakes can be very costly. Certified diamond purchases are especially complicated. You owe it to yourself and your loved one to get Lou's free advice.

Not only do we save you time and money, our merchandise is usually appraised for far higher values than the purchase price you pay!  Never make a mistake again when buying diamonds or other custom jewelry.

Lou's Diamond Challenge

diamond challengeThe 4 Cs are almost indistinguishable,
yet there is a huge price difference - do you know why?

  Carat Cut Color Clarity Price GIA Certificate
Diamond #1 1.50 Ideal G SI1 $10,526 GIA 1129744087
Diamond #2 1.52 Ideal G SI1 $14,639 GIA 5131585526
Diamond #3 1.52 Ideal G SI1 $17,535 GIA 6137470021

Compare the GIA certificates

They look nearly identical but notice the huge difference in price! Do you know why the prices are so different?

You’ll find many tutorials about buying diamonds. One of the best sources of information comes from GIA, the world’s authority on diamonds. Learn the basics and then let us guide you to help make a great decision.

Unlimited Inventory at Wholesale Prices

A jewelry store is strongly motivated to sell you something from their inventory. However, Lou's inventory is virtually limitless. He has access to a vast array of diamond wholesalers and jewelry manufacturers, which eliminates all of the middle men and added costs associated with a retail sale.

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